Corporate principles

  A bonito client is richly provided with health for environment using
  what is made into the extermination purpose

Company overview

   ・Company name         HISHI-Amazon

  ・Type of business
         Processing and sale of food

Address              2-2-1,kowakae,higasioosakasi,osakafu

  ・The capital

  ・The number of employees
    6 persons

  ・Establishment day

Employee introduction

   ・Name of CEO         Naohiro Kisimoto

  ・Product development
     Ryutaro Nakata

  ・Announcing to public
      Syouitiro Nakamura

                     Koji Ishimaru

            Nobuyuki Miyosi

                Akito Kasimori


  ・E-mail Adress

   ・Tlephone number         07-2225-4332